Fumigating cockroaches in Huelva

Cockroaches are very resistant and dangerous insects for health. They can live headless, do not drown in water and can withstand a dose of radioactivity up to 18 times higher than that of humans. To put an end to them requires addressing the problem as soon as their presence is detected in a space. In Plaguinsa we help you to fumigate cockroaches in Huelva with professional treatments, which is the best way to obtain good results.

Presence of cockroaches in Huelva

Cockroach fogging is the way to eliminate the different types of cockroaches present in the province.

American cockroach

The most common is known as the large cockroach. Its scientific name is Periplaneta Americana. It appears mainly in homes, businesses and communities. Also in garages, closed parking lots, public and private buildings. It spreads quickly as it can even fly. And it is mainly established in kitchens and bathrooms.

Germanic Cockroach

The presence of blond or Germanic cockroaches is also common in Huelva. It is smaller in size, but no less harmful than the previous one. It is usually concentrated in kitchens.

Cracks in floors and walls, pipes, drains and pantries are some of the places where it hides and multiplies. Behind the furniture, between storage areas. And in the sanitation network. The truth is that he likes any dark and narrow place.

What damage do cockroaches cause and why are they a dangerous pest?

Although cockroaches are known to feed on food and garbage, these are not their only foods. Fabrics and papers, among others, are part of their diet.

In addition, they can leave their secretions on food. This is not only dangerous, but also leaves a bad taste in them and ends up contaminating them.

However, the main damages they cause are not those affecting property. But those that harm the health of people and pets.

Cockroaches do not bite or sting. And yet, they are among the insects that cause the most damage to the health of people and pets.

How is this possible? Very simple. What they do is spread germs through the areas they inhabit, in the areas they pass through and next to where they feed. And not only by its passage, by simple contact with food that is then ingested by people or animals. Also through their vomit, saliva and feces, which can then come into contact with humans and pets.

These germs generate diseases that can be very dangerous for human beings.

  1. Salmonellosis. Fever, fatigue, diarrhea and abdominal cramps are some of its symptoms. In some cases it can be fatal.
  2. Listeriosis. It is an infection that can become very dangerous, as it can affect the blood, as well as the membranes and fluids surrounding the brain. In pregnant women it usually causes fetal death.
  3. Gastroenteritis. In milder cases it produces vomiting, diarrhea and fever. But it can affect health more seriously.
  4. Campylobacteriosis. It affects the intestinal tract causing severe diarrhea. Although in some cases it can also affect the bloodstream.
  5. E. coli infection. It can cause colic, fever, vomiting, watery or even bloody diarrhea and fatigue.
  6. Typhoid fever. It is a dangerous disease and one of the reasons why it is necessary to fumigate cockroaches in Huelva and wherever they appear. Bleeding and intestinal perforations are part of the damage that sufferers may suffer.
  7. Cholera. It causes acute diarrhea. In the most severe cases it causes a dehydration of the organism that ends up being lethal.
  8. Dysentery. It causes bloody diarrhea and mucus, among other damages.
  9. Leprosy. It can cause neurological damage and skin ulcers, among other problems.
  1. Organ diseases that can become lethal.
  2. Muscle cysts.
  3. Neuromuscular problems, even very severe.
  4. Digestive and intestinal problems of different intensity and severity.

fumigate cockroaches with professional methods

Cockroach elimination is most effective when approached in a comprehensive manner. Attacking both the cockroaches present and taking measures to prevent the reappearance of the pest.

In Plaguinsa we perform fumigations with lethal products for them and harmless for people, pets and the environment is possible. But this is not the only way to exterminate cockroach infestations in Huelva .

The initial inspection is key for professionals to determine the best choice of anti-roach treatment. The aim is both lethality of cockroaches and respect for the environment.

We work mainly with:

Ecological baits

It attacks the biology of the cockroach by producing a delayed internal hemorrhage in order to infest the rest of the colony that will feed on its corpse.

This modern treatment, besides being very effective, is compatible with the habitability of the house, and the company in the case of being dedicated to the food industry or hospitality.

They are applied at strategic points and their presence is also monitored by pheromone traps to calculate the level of infestation in each case and to establish improvements in another visit to coincide with the egg hatching phase.

Fogging with Biocides

This shock treatment is mainly used for very high infestation levels, or when cockroach resistance to other products is more than evident.

It must be taken into account that a 12-hour security period is required, during which no access to the property will be allowed and no activity can be carried out if it is a company.

The expansion of the anti-roach biocide will reach areas that are difficult to access, attacking larvae, nymphs and adults.

Effectiveness of anti-roach treatments

Good control is possible

Are these treatments effective?

Our goal is to achieve the best result. For cases of Blattella Germanica it is possible to completely eliminate the existing problem. Provided that the recommended corrective measures are complied with.

For cases of large cockroach (Periplaneta Americana). It is a species housed in the sewage system and some specimens can be seen by re-entering the treated site from the outside. Even so, the results obtained in these treatments are very optimal. The pest level has been reduced to very low levels.

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Our cockroach elimination techniques

Efficiency and environmental friendliness

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How to prevent the appearance of a cockroach infestation

Prevention is key both before and after fumigating cockroaches to avoid new infestations.

What measures can you take to prevent cockroach infestations?

  • Extreme hygiene in spaces, kitchen utensils, personal and pet hygiene.
  • It seals the holes through which they can access the interior of the house or building.
  • In case of any suspicion of their presence, contact professional exterminators.
  • Keep all types of food sealed and well stored. Also your pets’ food.
  • Vacía cada día el cubo de la basura así como las papeleras y lávalos con frecuencia.
  • Certain odors are unpleasant to cockroaches. Use them as a repellent. These include bay leaf, mint and garlic.
  • Do not leave food or drink leftovers in sinks or other areas of the home other than the garbage can. And always keep the lid closed when not in use.

frequent questions

In some cases, a safety period of up to a maximum of 12 hours may be established. In most cases, this is not necessary. The duration of the treatment is from 45 min. to 1 hour.

The price of a cockroach extermination can vary according to the size of the site, the level of infestation and displacements. However, the average price usually ranges from €120.00 to €160.00. Hereinafter for cases of major importance.

We recommend calling 633590475 in advance. Where our technician can assess your specific needs with a few brief questions. Or even arrange a pre-visit to evaluate the type of treatment needed.

When we refer to large cockroaches we are referring to the “Periplaneta americana” species. This species lives and breeds inside the sewage system, manholes, inside walls, ceilings and others. When temperatures rise, they look for an exit to the outside and it is very possible to observe them in the streets and that they enter the houses or premises through a window. But …. is not always like this.

When we find cockroaches inside our homes quite frequently…daily or several days in the same month…. Is it not a coincidence that all of them enter from the street or outside? Actually, their access can be inside our homes or premises. They enter through the sewage system and in turn inside walls with ventilation chambers, sockets, electrical registers or door frames, among others.

We often get calls from customers with cockroach problems in ceilings. Specifically, the species in question is Periplaneta americana. This species proliferates inside manholes and gains access to homes through pipes or sewage systems.

How do cockroaches gain access to the inside of ceilings? Cockroaches take advantage of holes near downspouts to access plaster walls and ceilings.

What is the solution to eliminate cockroaches in ceilings? It is necessary to disinsect the plaster ceilings and the sewage system of our house. Disinfestation is highly recommended to be performed by a specialist or pest control company. In cases of cockroaches in ceilings, there are risks of electrical hazards.

There are several influencing factors, such as the level of infestation, number of nests, suspicions, etc. For example, home remedies to improve a cold can be useful, but sometimes we end up resorting to medicine. Because our body, or the virus that invades us, can respond in different ways.

Depending on the level of infestation, degree of dissemination or resistance to home remedies may be one of the many factors that keep some cockroaches from disappearing, with the many remedies that exist. They have the capacity to adapt and if our home offers multiple factors to keep them safe… they will take advantage of them.

In the case of the insecticide sprays available on the market, they tend to disperse the existing pest rather than kill it. This is because the most common active ingredient in these insecticides (pyrethroids) acts on the nervous system of insects, causing extreme agitation before final paralysis (death). But, for this we should spray on all cockroaches, however… this does not always happen. Because of the eviction effect produced, many escape… (and end up making secondary nests).

To finish with the cockroaches without chemicals, but it can be of great help and in many occasions where the problem is not of great dimensions, we can solve it perfectly. Install a siphon in washbasins or sinks. Cockroaches will not be able to gain access because of the water found in the siphon.

Seal door and window frames.”By sealing these places with silicone or polyurethane foam, we prevent them from entering our homes”. Thoroughly check broken tiles in toilets or kitchens to replace them or seal them.Any hole can be good for a cockroach to access our house.

Although these techniques prevent the entry of cockroaches, in some cases it is necessary to “disinsect the sewage system to lower the population density and control the massive entry of cockroaches into the house”: expert assistance is essentialIf you have any questions, your advice will help us avoid major headaches when it comes to getting rid of the pest.

Many customers tell us about this method. Boric acid with sugar or condensed milk. It is true that this method has been effective for quite some time. The cockroach is attracted to the sugar and when it ingests the product it is poisoned.

However, it should be clarified that this method would eliminate an entire colony only under certain circumstances. One of them is when the level of the pest is relatively low, since in the case of a high level of affection, the cockroaches end up rejecting the ingestion of sugar contained in condensed milk. We recommend much better the use of gel for cockroaches for domestic use. It does not disperse the cockroaches, they consume it and move it to the nest.

We provide services in the province of Huelva, but, of course, we also like our customers to be completely satisfied and from the first moment we believe that one of the most important factors is the company that transmits security and tranquility.

Therefore, in your assessment and explanation of the solution to your cockroach problem, you must be clear and concise.

The price of the service must be within an understandable range. It is common to find very low prices. In this regard, we recommend you to read our post on how to choose budgets.

In all treatments it is very common to find dead cockroaches in the days following the treatment. Depending on the initial level of infestation, the highest number of cockroaches will generally be found in the following days.

In our experience there are usually 10 to a maximum of 20 and this number decreases to 1 or 2 for the next few days.

In any treatment the idea is to reduce the infestation as much as possible. In small cockroach (Blattella Germanica) treatments, the existing nests will disappear and no other cockroach of this species will enter our home.

We should not have problems again, however we must be very careful with food purchases made in supermarkets. Sometimes we infect the kitchens with the entry of food packages, fruits, vegetables purchased in supermarket chains. (Everything will depend on luck, but the current problem will of course disappear).

In the case of Cucaracha Grande or Periplaneta americana we will not have the same luck, this cockroach is lodged inside walls or pipes of our building and the total disappearance can be more complicated, but not impossible.

90% of our customers see a very favorable reduction. For example: In cases of having 4 or 5 cockroaches per day, to have only 1 or 2 cockroaches during the whole summer season. Each case is different. But of course with this cockroach, disinsection should be done at least once a year.

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