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Termite attack

Termites have become one of the most damaging pests for buildings in Spain, as they can cause their collapse if measures are not taken in time. In recent decades, the incidence has increased due to the climate and the aging of many beams used in buildings in urban areas of towns and cities. In Planguinsa we carry out termite treatments in Huelva, in order to put an end to these outbreaks, avoid damage to buildings and prevent them from spreading through the subsoil to other constructions.

Preventive and curative wood termite treatments

Prevention is the best way to avoid these problems in buildings where the pest is not yet present, but is in areas of pest incidence. This prevents their appearance. When it is already present, curative treatments must be undertaken to eliminate it.

In all cases a professional inspection should be carried out to ascertain the actual situation. Based on this information, an action plan is designed that includes the appropriate wood protection treatments. In this way, greater effectiveness and savings can be achieved by executing only the necessary actions.

Treatments with ecological baits

Ecological baits are very effective in eliminating termites. It is a sustainable, environmentally friendly method. It is also harmless to humans and pets.

What do they consist of? Cellulose elements with a small percentage of insecticide are placed at strategic points in the termite feeding areas. This ensures that they do not feed on the wood, but on the bait.

They are composed of Hexaflumuron and Diflubenzuron, which are growth regulators that prevent the molting phase. In this way, the entire termite mound is eliminated.

Anti-thermite mechanical injection treatments on wood

Wood injection is also widely used as an ani-thermite treatment in Huelva. In this case it is an environmentally friendly chemical barrier that protects the wood from termite attack.

Its application consists of drilling the wood by mechanical procedures and inserting the termicide under pressure, which will penetrate its layers, preventing the presence of xylophages and their elimination if there is activity.

It is more effective in dry woods than in wet subsoil woods.

Fogging of wood, an effective treatment for termites in Huelva

The name of this termite treatment already puts you on the track of its mode of action. It consists of applying a product to the wood by nebulization or spraying to kill these insects.

This type of treatment is common to prevent the appearance of termites and to protect doors, wooden beams, doors or parquet.

In general, we manage to maintain the mechanical resistance of the wood and future infestations.

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Find Progression Channels

They are tunnels of detritus, mistaken for mud. Galleries used by termites to avoid exposure to light.

If you see cracks or holes in the wood, this may indicate termites. Although in some cases there may be humidity problems.

If you have seen Winged Termites

In spring and autumn, termite reproductive females go outdoors in the winged phase and are responsible for the expansion of colonies and the creation of new termite mounds.

“Consult with specialized professional staff”

Types of termites in Huelva and their biology

Fortunately, not all types of termites are found in Huelva. These can be classified into three types according to the state of the wood they attack.

They live mainly in soft environments, in damp woods, near areas such as subway rivers, reservoirs, marshes and lagoons.

They are the most commonly found in urban environments. They prefer dry, hard woods such as mahogany, maple or oak. They are very invasive, which is why most termite infestations are of this type. And they are able to live without access to water for a long time. They are extremely harmful animals.

They live underground and spread easily between buildings in urban areas. They are very destructive and dangerous to the integrity of buildings. The so-called white termites belong to this group.

Knowing the biology of these insects helps to understand the importance of termite treatment in Huelva. They go through three stages: egg, nymph and adult. Adults may be the royal pair, i.e., king and queen, or soldiers, workers or breeders. The different castes have different functions for the survival of the group, its growth and expansion.

It is the adult breeding specimens that fly to create new colonies and lay eggs. Therefore, those who spread the plague.

Just as important as eliminating the adult termites is eliminating the eggs and nymphs, so that they do not reach their adult stage. Therefore, preventive and curative methods must be used at the same time.

Why choose Plaguinsa's anti-termite treatments?

You will avoid damage to wooden infrastructures

Termites feed primarily in the center of wood beams. And from there they spread to the exterior of the same. This causes the beams to become hollow, weakening them and, if not remedied, eventually destroying them completely. The weakness of these beams can cause the building to collapse, sinking one or more floors.

The greatest danger of this pest is to cause a building to collapse on people. But their damage does not only affect the structure of the buildings. Also to furniture, parquet or wooden floors, books and even to living trees.

We offer you tips to avoid the appearance of termites.

  • In new construction, use only termite-treated wood. Do not run the risk of using woods that are easier to colonize.
  • Apply preventive termite treatment in areas where the pest is present in nearby buildings. The risk of infestation is higher so it is more important to take measures to avoid it.
  • In public and private buildings, blocks of apartments and single-family houses have a professional inspection carried out on a regular basis. At least once a year. This allows early detection and rapid action to eliminate the pest before it causes significant damage.
  • Take measures to prevent dampness in the building. Solves leaks, controls environmental humidity, ventilates enclosed spaces properly. All this helps to avoid humidity in the walls and in the wood and beams behind them.
  • Do not store old wood or furniture in contact with the floor in areas such as cellars, basements or similar.
  • Prevent firewood from touching the wall of the house or surrounding walls. Either dry firewood or cut and stacked pruning remains.
  • Use bait to catch them before they become a pest.
  • Act fast. At the slightest suspicion of the presence of termites in neighboring buildings, have a professional termite inspection and treatment performed.

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