Treatment of pine processionary moth in Huelva

The pine processionary is a dangerous and resistant pest. Good weather and low rainfall favor its spread. Therefore, the climate in the province favors the presence of caterpillars on trees. In Plaguinsa we offer you the treatment to combat the pine processionary in Huelva, which is essential to eliminate this pest and avoid the damage it causes to the environment, human activity and the health of people and pets.

It affects conifers in forests, parks and gardens but also people and domestic animals, including pets. It is widespread in Spain not only in wild areas, but also on roadsides and roadsides, in urbanizations, cemeteries, sports areas and private gardens, among others. In a few years it has been spreading and settling in large areas. And their damages have multiplied.

Damage caused by the pine processionary moth

This dangerous pest causes damage that many people, although suffering its consequences, do not know how to attribute to it.

Knowing its origin is key to take preventive measures and to implement the appropriate treatment to eliminate the processionary caterpillars with an efficient solution.

At Plaguinsa we carry out a previous inspection to locate the hot spots and we elaborate a medium-term action plan to keep at bay this pest that destroys conifers and affects people’s health.

This pest causes damage to the needles of pine trees. This weakens the tree and makes it more vulnerable to attack by other pests that can cause its death.

In addition, the large bags of processionary processionary that hang from the tree can become very heavy and this can lead to branch breakage. In harvesting pines they are losses. In pine trees in the wild or in areas where there is human traffic, a danger to the integrity of people or property.

Children and adults can be directly damaged by this pest. That is why it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive pest treatment against the pine processionary. It is key to prevent them from continuing to cause disease and discomfort.

The pine processionary is covered with very fine filaments that are stinging. If the larvae sense danger or are threatened, they have the ability to expel them into the air. These remain in suspension in the air, which can carry them away and disperse them even for kilometers.

These filaments are extremely dangerous. Their contact with humans causes various damages that can last for weeks:

  • Urticaria.
  • Allergic reactions of different degrees that can be very serious.
  • Irritation of ears, nose and throat.

Being these damages very relevant, the greatest danger is for young children and pets such as dogs or cats.

If children touch them or even ingest them out of curiosity or play, they can endanger their lives. It is necessary to go to the emergency room as soon as possible.

For pets, sniffing or ingesting these filaments can lead to drowning and a painful death within minutes. Therefore, at the slightest sign of contact with one, you must go immediately to the veterinarian, before asphyxia kills it.

Treatment of the pine processionary moth in Huelva, essential to avoid damages

As you can see, the damage caused by this pest is very serious.

The first step in eliminating the pine processionary is to analyze the situation. And decide which are the appropriate methods of approaching the problem for an effective solution. It is very likely that the best option combines different treatments to achieve a faster solution.

These are some of the most effective treatments against the processionary moth.

Identification and extermination

Detecting this pest in its early stages in the tree allows direct spraying before its development and release outdoors. Different spraying products can be used, which should be environmentally friendly and not harm the environment or the tree.

Direct injections of insecticide into the bags are also possible. This must be done at a specific time of the year. It is a controlled way of applying the product capable of annihilating them in the right dose to kill them, avoiding environmental risks.

Pheromone traps

It is an effective, ecological and sustainable method that does not harm the tree or the biodiversity of the environment.

Pheromones are natural substances secreted by these animals. In this treatment to eliminate the pine processionary pine caterpillars are used in a controlled manner to attract the caterpillars to traps that allow them to be trapped and eliminated effectively and safely.

Direct removal of pockets of pine processionary pine needles

The white bags hanging from the tree can be removed directly one by one. It is the best option for very specific areas. Never touch them with your hands. Nor perform this task without knowledge. You could break the bag and suffer damage.

Track rings

Another ecological and sustainable solution, this prevents the caterpillars from spreading once they fall from the tree, as they fall into this trap.

Controlled use of bacteria

The bacterium bacillus thuringiensis destroys the digestive tract of the pine processionary. Its use by pest control professionals allows the elimination of the pine processionary in an environmentally friendly way.

Measures to prevent the appearance of processionary caterpillars

To avoid these years or the reappearance of the pest after a pine processionary pine needle treatment, you can adopt different measures.

  • Care for the biodiversity of the area. Birds such as tits and chickadees, among others, are natural predators of the pine processionary.
  • Remain vigilant. At the first sign of the presence of this pest, it acts.
  • It performs preventive treatments against the pine processionary by placing traps in strategic areas and with injections in the vascular system of the plants. Both are harmless to humans, animals and the environment.
  • In particular areas take care of the pines, water them and remove damaged branches and fallen needles.

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