eliminate bed bugs in Huelva

If we had to name one of the most annoying pests, it would be bedbugs (Cimex lectularius). Their bites produce allergic reactions, urticaria, pain and itching on the skin.

In Plaguinsa we offer you modern and ecological solutions to eliminate bedbugs in Huelva in a definitive way and we offer you the best advice to avoid their appearance.

The presence of this insect in our homes is very common, because bedbugs need the blood of their hosts to feed.

This type of pest is very difficult to eradicate due to the insect’s biology, which is very resistant to biocides, and several interventions are needed to kill it definitively.

Types of treatments to eliminate bedbugs

For a successful treatment against bed bugs, it is of vital importance to inspect the site to locate the sources of infestation. This requires bagging garments, sheets and other fabrics for subsequent washing with hot water at temperatures above 60 degrees.

We must also remove as much furniture as possible from the area to be treated. This will prevent bedbugs from having a hiding place and will be more successful in controlling them. It is convenient to seal cracks, holes… etc.

Steam to kill bed bugs

This method is mainly used for low infestation levels and has the advantage of being totally environmentally friendly.

It is applied by means of a fogger that expels steam at more than 150 degrees Celsius, killing bedbug eggs, nymphs and adults. This will prevent their reproduction and expansion of the pest.

Once the treatment is completed, you will be able to enjoy a bedbug-free home again and will not have to leave it as a safety measure.

Bedbug spraying with biocides

This anti-bug treatment is mainly used for high infestation levels.

The use of biocides to fumigate bedbugs requires homes to be abandoned for 12 hours as a safety precaution, as they are harmful to pets and humans.

Keep in mind that the dispersion of the biocide is done aerially, reaching all corners of the home such as cracks, nests and other hard-to-reach areas.

Efficacy will be observed in several visits scheduled to coincide with the egg hatching phase, where nymphs and other adults will be exterminated.

Therefore, the total duration of a severe bedbug infestation may last at least 1 month, depending on the expansion.

Facts about bedbugs and how to identify them

The bedbug is so named because its presence is common in places where people live, such as beds, armchairs, sofas or clothes closets.

Sometimes it is difficult to detect their presence because their activity is nocturnal and during the day they hide in their nests, which are created in crevices or places with little light.

Its body is oval, reddish-brown and the size of an apple seed (between 4-7 mm).

In infested rooms, it is normal to perceive a characteristic musty odor.

If you detect reddish stains on the sheets, these are the remains of bedbug feces. It is a symptom to detect them.

They are also commonly found in the folds of mattresses, and even inside electrical panels and sockets.

Their bites are very painful, but you will not notice them immediately, but may take at least 4 or 5 hours, and sometimes they can cause itching and skin infections.

Although bedbugs are not usually vectors, it has recently been detected that they can transmit Chagas disease, which is one of the causes of mortality in South America.

Preventing the presence of bedbugs in Huelva

From Plaguinsa we recommend the following guidelines to avoid bringing bedbugs into your home:

  • He orders and performs deep cleaning in the rooms, his activity is mainly performed in this room.
  • If you stay in hotels, wash your clothes at 60 degrees when you return home, believe it or not, bed bugs can also travel with us.
  • If you go out in the field, wear long pants to avoid being bitten by bedbugs and do not sit directly on the ground.
  • If you detect activity, call your trusted bed bug company, they will perform an inspection and schedule the appropriate treatment to eliminate them.
  • Avoid buying second hand furniture, it is very common for bedbug infestations to spread this way.
  • Cover the screams to prevent any pests from nesting in your home.

Contact us and we will help you to eliminate them.

We perform services throughout the province of Huelva and Algarve (Portugal).
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