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Pest problems?

Protect your home or business

As a pest control company, we implement customized solutions for disinfection, disinfestation and disinfestation of homes, offices, warehouses, industries and others.

The safety and health of your loved ones is the most important thing.

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Identify your pest

Fumigating Cockroaches

Detection of entry points with safe and effective control methods.

Termite Treatment

Control by means of ecological baits and elimination of termite mounds.

Eliminate Ants

Techniques of "chain contagion" to kill the anthill.

eliminate pine processionary

We control conifers so that you are free from the presence of this dangerous caterpillar.

Eliminate Ticks

Shock fumigations in industrial buildings and homes.

Eliminate Fleas

Get rid of these pests forever with our pest treatments.

Woodworm Treatment

Inspection of wood infrastructures, mechanical, thermal and sprayed methods.

Bird control

We protect your home or community of neighbors from pigeons, with exclusion nets.

Rat extermination

Elimination systems using traps or rodenticide baits.

Eliminate Bed Bugs

Control by thermal shock and insecticide gels.

Eliminate Wasps

Wasp control in homes or businesses

Eliminate Snakes

Mechanical control systems.

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Opening hours: from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

If you have problems with ants, fleas, bedbugs or other pests do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help you.


Their purpose is to eliminate any insect that may cause a nuisance in your home or business.


As the best cleaning ally, to fight viruses, bacteria and fungi.


Implementation of systems to eliminate rats or mice in homes or businesses.

Raccoon trapping

An invasive species that we combat by placing traps or manually.

Bee Hive

We use different methods to recover them without damaging them.

What our customers say

David Salcedo

Pests in housing

Very good and very professional (and serious). Highly recommended, and also the customer service is very well taken care of.

Juan Borrego

Pests in housing

Serious and reliable company that has been able to solve our problem with total efficiency.

Antonio Franco

Pests in housing

I hired this company because of a termite problem in my house and from the first call the treatment has been excellent.

Qualified personnel

We have technicians with years of experience in the pest control sector.

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